You wrote this on 17th January 08

12 08 2009

Where did you meet?
Crazy Elephant. table 413

When did you meet?
May. my 2nd day of work. saturday

Was it love at first sight?
mine no, ask him. lol

how old were you both?
21 and 20

Where was your first date?
his house. i know what you are thinking about.

How long until you met the parents?
cant rem

When was it official?
october maybe


Whats the sweetist thing he has ever done for you?
he always makes me happy

Does he buy you lots of gifts?
no. i dont fancy those either

Whats your favorite thing to do together?
sit and bum tgt

When did you know you were falling in love?
when i miss him even when he’s just next to me

Who said I love you first?
him lah of course!


Whats his worst habit?
wah. alot ah!

What annoys you about him?
keep to myself. lol

Has he ever hurt you badly?

Would he ever cheat?

Do you trust him?
very much. tho i always sulk.


Could you be without him?
i will live. but never happy.

Do you think about him constantly when your apart?
more than anything

How long have you been together?
4 mths plus minus

Can you see a future together?
haha. i cant predict.

Would you like to get married?
yea. and bum

Where can you see your relationship in
a years time?

5 years time?
haha. i really dont know.

Do you know there is definatly no-one
better out there for you?
i’ve never loved anyone like this before

Is he your best friend as well as your
ya and maid

Does he come first over everyone else
in your life?
everyone’s incomparable, but he’s always my sweetie pie


Whats the funniest thing you have ever done together?
we do dumb things all the time.

Say something that only you two understand…

Does he make you laugh?
all the time.

Is he tickelish?

Are you?
what do u think.


Spent the night together?
of course.

Celebrated a holiday together?
so farrrr…no

Met his parents?

Made him cry?
i would never know

Done anything spontaneous together?
of course

Is this love?


Protected: Pass Me By…

12 08 2009

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Post- National Day

11 08 2009

Was not a really fruitful day i suppose… Woke up at 1230pm, drove down Wheelock to collect stuff, got a book (ROUGE, by Danielle Steel), Got a $6 parking FINE (*shit!), back home for Mummy’s Laksa, headed out for bowling in Downtown East, then Simpang for supper… Oh, and lastly, grabbed a bottle of Heineken to end the night.

And now, 3 hrs to my book- in time, i’m here blogging… SWEET!



It’s Hard to Say Goodbye…

10 08 2009


10 08 2009



little awkward moments

9 08 2009

took bus 506, alighted at the stop in westmall where we used to alight together before i changed another bus to my granny’s hse… All the memories, emotions flowed back like a splashing waterfall, i stood there, staring into space for 15mis, missed my bus, saw 947 going pass me, always hoping i’ll see you inside, probably alone or with another, but i just felt like seeing you… i knew i was stupid, but i stupidly hoped i would see you…

I resorted to fate, i gave up my 15 mins of wait, i boarded the cab instead cus i was alr late… when i arrived, everyone asked me where is my girlfriend, where is Samantha… i looked at them, smiled and said you were busy…

I really wonder how you’re doing now? hope you’ve had your dinner, had some beer which you loved so much. Hope you’ve showered and clean up your room… hope you’ve missed me a little today… Everything is HOPE…

Signing off now… have a great weekend my dear…

vivo without you.

8 08 2009

i’m in vivo.. Being here without you seems different..