Post- National Day

11 08 2009

Was not a really fruitful day i suppose… Woke up at 1230pm, drove down Wheelock to collect stuff, got a book (ROUGE, by Danielle Steel), Got a $6 parking FINE (*shit!), back home for Mummy’s Laksa, headed out for bowling in Downtown East, then Simpang for supper… Oh, and lastly, grabbed a bottle of Heineken to end the night.

And now, 3 hrs to my book- in time, i’m here blogging… SWEET!




Singapore’s Service Industry?! How are you going to rank No. 1?

31 05 2009

A very good Sunday to you:)

First of all, let me begin the entry by cursing and swearing!! #)!&)&)(!@&)&#&!(&#!)$&!@^#)!@_!+_(@_!

Well, ok i feel better now.. Jeez! Know what, i was at this new shopping centre in Bugis yesterday, decided to go there to check it out since it’s new and all?! So we went in.. ok, the whole architectural aspect of the building is quite good as mentioned by BOY! But….. My goodness gracious, the shops there are so boring.. not only are they not attractive, the stuff there is so… Just wierd! So there goes the shopping part, totally moodless, went ahead for dinner at this EMPIRE place with Monkey pictures all around, was damn hungry so i ordered a plate of Seafood Marinara and i assume that it would be filled with seafood that would make my saliva drool all over my Shirt! But!!!!! Guess what?! I waited for my pasta for 20 minutes?! (which basically killed my hunger!) or even longer?!.. there came my pasta, and it took another 8 minutes to get BOY’s pasta out! And when it was out, not only did they not take away her steak knife, they just placed a Pasta Spoon on the table  in an any-old- how way and walked off!… ok, so is that the end?! NO WAY!! I was trying to mix my pasta with the Tomato based sauce to find that in my Seafood Pasta, i had only 3 prawns and a few pathetic rings of squid?!!!

I mean i’ve had plenty of Seafood Marinara, i haven’t had one this bad?! Even in Simpang Bedok, the Pasta’s so much better then this!! Ok, so never mind, i decided to just go with it since i’m so bloody hungry… after i was done with my plate of pasta, i then shared with BOY her carbonara cuz she couldn’t finish all of them… Now, guess what?! The waiter just took my plate from under my hands when i was crossing over to get the Pasta from BOY’s plate?! Is this the way they should do it?!

The Answer: NO WAY!

C’mon, i’m in the Hospitality industry, do you know how rude is it to do that?! It’s like chasing a customer away and it’s extremely unprofessional!! Ok, once bitten, twice shy, no more 2nd time i’m gonna go there for dinner! Honestly, if any of the staff were to read this post of maybe some of the people in the service industry were to read this post, please…. train up your waiters/ waitresses cus they’re you first point of contact with the customers!

Pissed! Extremely Unprofessional!

*Ps. Sorry if the whole content is too “strong” for some of you, but i was just saying da’ TRUTH!


25 05 2009




Specialises in:

  • car polishing & waxing
  • lacquer treatment
  • wax & sealant etc.

So if your car needs some polishing or you feel that your “BABY” needs a wax, give GERRIT TAN a call @ 84309699


email him at:

Signing off!

Cooking for the soul

26 04 2009

what do you usually do on a Sunday? other than walking the dog, watching boring local shows, squeezing with mountain people mountain sea at Tampinese 1, or lying on your living room floor while you munch on some left over biscuits…….well, COOK!

girlfriend has been nagging at me forever to make Aglio Olio…or rather, i’ve promised her many times that i will make one that’s nicer than what she’s tasted in Delifrance and HANS.  today is finally the day i fulfill my promise.



So tada! Here’s the Menu of the day:

Soup: Creamy Mushroom Soup

Main Course: Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio

and of course ending the day with a hot cup of coffee:)

Enough of talking, time to EAT!!!




WOOD Restaurant & Bar @ VivoCity

26 04 2009
WOOD Restaurant & Bar
One of the hippest dining enclaves to hit Singapore, WOOD Restaurant & Bar, a newly adapted concept of incorporating cooking over wood is definitely here in TOWN to bring the art of cooking to a greater height!

With compliments from Wood Restaurant & Bar, we were treated to a 4 course tasting Menu prepared by Celestine and her team of Chefs!

Tasting Menu…

Wood Smoked Scallops, Leek Puree & Salted Black Beans $19

The best thing about this dish was that the scallops were really thick and juicy, and the portion was generous, so stop worrying if you can ever have enough! The scent of wood was distinctive with each bite of the scallop, overall it was a good dish in opening one’s appetite.

Yummy Scale: 3.5/ 5

Wood Roasted Asparagus Soup $14

To me it felt like a soup that has all the ingredients in the exact right amount, no more no less. It was not too thick yet had a strong focus on the flavor itself. Definitely a healthy choice!
Yummy scale: 3.5/5

Smoked Foie Gras Pizza with Grape $25

A MUST TRY! this was my favorite dish of the night. My first time trying such a pizza and I really enjoyed it very much. Though the foie gras was limited, its flavor was really intense, might possibly bring you to a state of euphoria! a perfect match with the thin and crunchy pizza crust with a hint of “charred” wood infused through the coking process.
Yummy scale: 4/5

Main Course
Stone Grilled Rice with Clams, Prawns, Fresh Tomato and Ginger $28

It definitely looks like an interesting dish when the stone pot arrived at our table, i would say just by the presentation, it already won my heart over! Just by tasting it, one could easily sense the aromatic flavors by the mingling of tomato and seafood juice, if you like a little spiciness to it, just inform the friendly staff to add some chili in for you:)
Yummy Scale: 3.5/ 5

Cardamom Coffee 12 Hours Smoked Wagyu Beef Brisket $32

Personally, i feel that the beef is quite a lackluster compared to the previous dish, the beef was a little over- cooked, thus causing the meat to be a little too tough for a Wagyu Beef. However, the sauce did make quite a difference, one could taste the ingredients used in the sauce, one prominent ingredient is definitely COFFEE!
Yummy scale: 3/5

Ginger Salt Baked Sri Lankan Mud Crab *Market Price

A very unique way of cooking a crab. I mean, how many times have you seen a crab covered in salt crystals and Ginger, wood baked in the oven. I guess that must be the reason why the crab had such a homogeneous taste. Maintaining its moisture and freshness of the crab, one could not miss the chunky flesh of the crab…. Slurps!!
Yummy scale: 4/5

Oaxacan Style Grilled Hokkaido Corn on the Cob $9

Pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the corn. These Hokkaido corns really made me a happy girl all over again! Not forgetting the mozzarella cheese shavings which are not only visually pleasurable but also further highlighted the sweetness of the corns. Indeed a good blend of ingredients.
Yummy scale: 3.5/5


Lychee Mint Granite with Framboise Jelly $10

Honestly, I was never a mint lover. The only mint I eat is probably “Clorets” (if they are mint at all). I was very surprised by how well the lychee and mint blended as one, and how their flavors complemented one another. It tasted genuinely refreshing after a long and heavy, not forgetting carbo-intensive dinner.
Yummy scale: 4/5

Food aside, the great ambience (with the view into Sentosa!) and the friendly service staffs were definitely another plus point to Woods. It was definitely a delightful dining experience we have had. Personally this is not my 1st time dining in Woods, however, it just seems that whenever i come, it’s always another new experience for me. I was truthfully impressed by not only the food itself, but also the thoughts and efforts put into the many small details which recurrently triggered the “ooooooo”s, the ‘ahhhhhhhhh”s and the “wow!” from us.

Just a little bit more info…
Walking into Wood is just like entering a 5 star hotel, be entertained by the young and friendly host who’ll head you through the narrow and subtly lit passage to WOOD and be awaited by a 3 meter high wine tower that impressively stores 500 bottles of wines waiting for you to choose from.

Once you enter main dining area, one could easily feel a sense of classiness and coziness while you are seated by the host. Not a second will you not be entertained by the whole layout and design of the restaurant with a full view of the open glass concept kitchen while overlooking the Cruise Bay separating Singapore from Sentosa…. More info, click HERE

Most importantly, if you’re in for some romantic dinner or a simple lunch for the weekly bestie dates, check out the PRIVATE DINING area in WOOD Restaurant! Give them a ring and I’m sure you’re in for something INTERESTING:)

*Indeed the perfect setting for couples!

For more information:

Wood Restaurant & Bar

No.1 Harbourfront, VivoCity, #01- 53

Operating Hours: Open Daily

Lunch: 11.30am- 2.30pm

Dinner: 6.30pm- 10.30pm

Bar: 11.30am- midnight (weekdays)

11.30am- 1am (weekends)

Reservations: +65 63759663

How to Taste a bottle of Wine?

25 04 2009

People have been asking me how to properly taste a bottle of wine, well… i think it’s good if i post a video here to answer all your question:”)

Just remember these few pointers and have fun tasting:)

Points to note:

See, Swirl, Smell, Sip!!

2nd half of my day:)

25 04 2009

Like in the afternoon, i really felt that i’ve spent my SATURDAY really well:)

Met Darryl at 5pm @ Tampines One! Went to Secret Recipe, had a SHITTY $3 2meal before we headed off to BAkerzinn!! Lol! And lastly, the ICE CREAM that never fails to put a smile across my face:) Licks!

Anyway, don’t bother going to Secret Recipe, think they really SUCK! Ok, or i should i say the Secret Recipe at Tampines One is really SUCKY! If i was given a choice of not queing at the other outlets, i wouldn’t even go there! JEEZ! Now i know why there wasn’t many people queing at S.R. !!!! So we were like the only 2 in the que, waited for 10 minutes to be seated when i could clearly see that there were plenty of seats available!!! What has become of our service industry?!

And yes, we were finally seated, SO is this the end to our misery!?! No!!! We waited, waited and waited for the servers to take our orders, no one came despite us waving frantically, and when i finally got the attention of one of the waiters, he told me to wait for a while and he passed on to another lady server who came towards us. thinking that she was gonna take our orders, i started to say what i wanted… guess what?! She told me to wait for a while, then she proceeded on to the table just behind us, wiped the table, then she came to us and take our orders!!!?!!!!!?!!!! WTF, damn embarassing! C’mon, i’ve got a Dip. in Hospitality and Tourism Mngt, i’m currently also pursuing my Deg. in Hospitality and Tourism Mngt, this kind of working standard is a total “NO GO”!!

So yeah, we told her our orders, and when i finish saying what i wanted, she stood there, right in front of us and started writing our orders for around 2 minutes, so Darryl and i was like staring at her and stuff?!?!! Like an awkward 2 minutes before she repeated our orders?!!

HELO!!! Don’t you write in short forms?! are you gonna spell out our orders like word for word?!


“One Ribeye Steak, customer wants a medium rare, he wants his starch to be changed to mashed potatoes… bla bla bla..!! is she writing an essay or something?”!!!”

Oh my goodness! What an experience!

Anyhow, after that shitty experience which i don’t wanna elaborate more, the night ended well with ice creams:)

Cheers to Friendship!