This is a little tinkle winkle information about me:)

Online Name: Mr. Executive Companion


Full – time- NSf

Part- time- Dreaming of how to become someone useful to the society

Before i started this blog, i had many blogs previously, but well, all “died”. I told myself, this time round, i’m not only gonna make my blog work, but also make it a successful one, so TADA! Here’s my blog!

In this blog, you’ll be able to find wonders, search for things that you like?! Find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before?! Or maybe, through me, you’ll see inspiration in your life?!


I’m not that great really, i just want to share with you my life experience and what kept me going till today )

Since i’m writing something about myself, perhaps i should write my GOALS in life, something intimate that i can share with you. (they are not listed in terms or standings, just typed whatever came to my mind)

  1. Able to feed my family… ( i really hate to see my mum and dad suffer silently)
  2. Earn enough money to go to a well established Culinary School
  3. Learn more about Wines
  4. Become a General Manager of a Hotel
  5. Help the needy Families…
  6. Slim DOWN!!! (this is probably one of the more important one now)

Money Money Money, that’s the root of all evil. Many at times money is the issue that make and break Families, i have a friend, her parents are now separated because of MONEY!! Sad to see a family like that especially when the family was once a perfect one…

I really hope that through this blog, through the real me that many people don’t know, i can express and maybe share with you more about the inner me that probably my mum would not know…

Your friendly online EXECUTIVE COMPANION


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