Day 6. Full Stop

6 08 2009

I’m putting an end to this.

I told myself that Tuesday night would be the last time i’ll cry for you, i’ll see you, hug you and love you. I’ll make that happen.

Honestly, i don’t know who called you a “SLUT” on your blog, but honestly, when you told me that, i didn’t feel  single thing.

You being able to do this to me, made me ponder why am i still loving you so much… Made me think that everything that i’ve been doing for you is just rubbish… Until the day that you are having feelings for another, you can still ask me to buy this, buy that for you.. meet me and all… Well, that’s really heartless… TOTALLY!

You’ve got no emotions, no heart, no values… i really don’t know who you are! A slut?! Mybe i won’t call you that… But after what you’ve done to me, i might just call you a heartless freak!

I’m putting an end to everything, a stop to this, you can continue to b happy with your ex boyfriend whom you love so much and talk to him everynight till the cows come home, i don’t have and i need not care about it anymore. If you can be this heartless, why should i bother?!

Probably to your friends, you’re damn poor thing, to me…. For what i see and how i feel, NO WAY!

You are obviously neither repentent nor guilty of what you’ve done, so i’m not wishing you all the best here or am i gonna be like you telling me that you’ve got feelings for me here n that because i totally feel that it’s a truck load of NONSENSE!

I’m feeling so much better pouring this shit out of my heart now! I’m HAPPIER without you.



Troubled Waters…

30 05 2009


What’s there to come if there weren’t choppy waters,

Won’t life be too simple if there weren’t any obstacles…

Wouldn’t you know what’s really precious to you after you’ve lose it…

Indeed, this week have been filled with bitter, sweet ,sorrow and lastly love, i really thank the people around me who made every single day a smiling one.

Well, it has been quarrels one after the other, one party just don’t can’t understand, the other has such huge ego… How are you gonna solve this problem?! These few months were really crazy for me… been trying to strike a balance between family, relationships and life… But well, i guess work took too much of my time, so much so that i almost forgot that i still have other more important things to deal with. Probably it’s the frustration, politics and also stress that made me so sick of everything…

You know what i wanna do now? I really wanna take some time off, go to somewhere far from this tiny island where i call home for the past 22 years of my life. Preferblysomewhere unreacheable…

Anyway, i believe that next week would be better, and i’m really looking forward to go out ltr with Baby Boy, hope things are good:)

Cheers to all.


Should i sign on….

18 05 2009

Well, this question has been in my mind for a very long time… even before i entered the army up till now, 1 year since i enlisted… Many people encouraged me to, some say i’ll make it bigger in the corporate world, some say why not sign on for an iron rice bowl?! Well… on my part it’s contradictions one after another.

Kinda tricked my girlfriend a little when i was home today, asked her what if one day i sign on, how would she feel… guess what’s her answer? LOL!!

” If you sign on, i won’t marry you”… Woooo… quite touchy here eh?! *i honestly hope she doesn’t reads this post!! Wahahah!

Anyhow, to be honest, one part of me really want to sign on either in the Air Force, Army or the Police Force, i guess it’s just one side of me who really loves to be in UNIFORM.

To a certain extend, i felt that my life in the army has been really bumpy with lotsa ups and downs. take for instance, it’s like anyone’s dream to be an officer in the army, thus i really worked hard for my place in the Officer Cadet school… Well, i tried signing on in the Air Force, but i was rejected while my buddy got it… (Is it an indication that i shouldn’t sign on?!) So… i kinda gave up the idea of Signing on in the SAF until i went into School of Infantry Specialist or in short, SISpec… Well, kinda slacked there, just did what i needed to do, at the end of the course, i the best trainee for my platoon or what we call, PLATOON BEST…. well, i know my instructor has been pushing me to be the Company Best. but well, i guess my IPPT results wasn’t good enough to be the best… But anyhow, i still got into the OCS Crossover board. Marched in with a bunch of Soon- to be Officers, the question to me was: ” your IPPT results shows that you’re weak in running, so what makes you think you’re eligible enough to be an OFFICER?!” Damn… i knew it was yet another chance gone… like C’mon, is it so important?! tell me how many of your officers are currently having a GOLD for IPPT?! So yeah… another chance gone just like that and guess what? MY BUDDY GOT IN AGAIN!!… Jeez! (2nd indication for me that i shouldn’t sign- on?!)

So now i am here in GUARDS, still indecisive on whether or not i should sign- on or not… should i listen to the “indications” given to me, should i listen to the many contradictory advices or should i just follow my heart, i really don’t know…

Maybe it’s time to ask GOD… ask if i should or i should not… i’m quite sure my wife to be would hate me thinking this way cuz i’m very sure she doesn’t want me to… but still, it’s more about what i want in life… right Baby!?!

TELL ME!!! What should i do!?

I need the MONEY…

I wanna be able to contribute to my family ASAP…

I’m confused?!

So much about SWINE!

30 04 2009

Yeah, so much about SWINE!! I was in a meeting yesterday with regards to the measures we should take as an responsible citizen of the Singapore Armed Forces. So the conclusion?! Take your temperature everyday. I’m glad that Singaporean are taking this virus seriously. I was flipping through the Straits Times this morning to check out the updates of the Swine Flu, and yes, Singapore as how “kiasu” we are…( which is good) are taking this very seriously. I heard from my colleague who went to the Changi General hospital today for a routine Medical Check- up telling me that the hospital is fully equipped with the neccessary machines, manpower and resources to conduct checks on every individual who enters the hospital premise. Inconvenience as it is, we have to sadly say that we are now back to the old days when SARS was killing so many people all around the World. To make things worse, our Minister said in his speech that this would be a ” long battle unlike SARS”  Well, i guess we just have to TAHAN the inconvenience and do whatever precautions we can to help with this epidemic.

Anyway, i am writing this blog entry with a blanket over me, sitting in a cold room while using one tissue on my other hand to wipe my mucus away… YES, i’m having a very BAD FLU!!!!!

My GOD! You just have to look like someone to be a CELEBRITY?!

29 03 2009

Yes, i was checking out the news on Yahoo today when i found the most unbelievable news that can be on the headline!! “Obama lookalike from Indonesia in S’pore for Charity event”

Oh C’mon… then if just by looking like someone so so famous can make you so popular, I wanna be BRADD PIT


Check out the NEws!

SINGAPORE : Ilham Anas is better known as “Mr Obama Indonesia”. That is because of his uncanny resemblance to US President Barack Obama.

Since Mr Obama’s victory last November, Ilham has been treated like a celebrity everywhere he goes.

And he is now in Singapore, all in the name of charity.

Visitors to the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Fiesta paid S$10 each to have a picture taken with him.

Proceeds will go to retrofitting costs of the home’s new premises at Bedok North.

And although a celebrity in his own right, “Mr Obama Indonesia” is still surprised at the treatment he gets.

He said: “I feel surprised that people are very happy to be photographed with me.” — CNA/ms

Singapore’s Government putting S$90million to boost Tourism?!

12 02 2009

Dear readers, i believe you’ve read about how our government is taking measures to help Singaporeans cope in the current economy.

Here’s a little insight to our fall in Tourism rates:

“Singapore has projected 9.5 million arrivals in 2009, a drop from the 10.1 million in 2008. Tourism spending is expected to fall to S$12.5 billion (US$8.3 billion), from S$14.8 billion (US$9.8 billion) last year. — CNA /ls”

So is the S$90m proposed incentive going to help us recover the S$2.3 billion that we expect to lose?!

*Disclaimer: Before i start, i’ll like to state that, i was a Hospitality and Tourism Student from a reputable polytechnic, so whenever there’s anything linking to tourism or wine and dine, it keeps my itchy fingers and mind moving! You may agree or disagree to my views and perspective, but it’s just my personal view on the whole situation:) You can always leave some comments if you have anything to discuss:)

Firstly, there’s something we can debate about here. Why not before we think of whether the S$90m could help to minimize the loss we expect this year, let’s think about the factors why people travel?!

I travel because:

  1. Cheap
  2. Something to represent a country’s charm
  3. An experience we don’t get in our own country or other countries
  4. Smiles/ Service

Ok, let’s just debate on the 4 points i’ve gathered and look into what the government has done throughout the years that some may agree or disagree. Speaking of which, when it come to dining or purchasing items, do you realize that you’re paying more then what you see or expect? GST, SERVICE CHARGE!!! Are they really getting too much for you to absorb?! Well, that’s what is happening now… a decent meal that cost S$25 dollars may go up to S$27 just because of taxes! Can you imagine the amount of money we have to “swallow” so is it really the best idea?! Look at our Hawkers, in the past, we can easily get a Roti Prata for 50 cents, now, it’s at least 60 cents or some even higher, is inflation really hitting us that badly?! Everything’s rising, but our salary remains constant… The few hundred dollars we get from the government for our GST offsets, are they really that sufficient?! Or is there any alternative to boost spending power? Well, that is something for the higher authority to ponder upon.

Next, let us look at Singapore, a place where one could see people of different ethnic groups and background coming together as one. Let’s put it this way, it’s something that we are very proud of and of course most of the credit goes to our MM Lee who fought so hard for racial equality. So that’s probably the only unique thing about us?! Lets take a look at the Singapore Expo, supposedly a place where most exhibitions are held, don’t you think the architecture of the entire building is like a FACTORY?! is a exhibition hall suppose to be like that?!

Let’s take a look at Kuala Lumpur’s Convention Exhibition Centre and compare to our dearest Singapore Expo.

Singpapore Expo kl1

Singapore Expo VS Kuala Lumpur Convention Exhibition Centre

Take a look at the Architecture, judge for yourself. i’m not citing the rest nor do i want to put ourselves down. But, we seriously have to think of something more interesting..

So is something that will represent our country’s charm suppose to be Little India? Chinatown? Kampong Glam or what?! Do you think it’s really a representation of Singapore’s history?! Or rather, are those places really that unique?! Maybe Yes, Maybe No… It’s all up to us to decide.

Next, i’ll probably link the point about Service and Experience we have. Well, in Singapore, no matter how hard we push for service quality or make our service staff go for courses such as GEMS, is it really sufficient?! Or do they just act polite and courteous when they are in their uniform and remove the “MASK” when they are off duty?! Well, apparently, that is what’s happening… Just let us look at the commuters who uses the train, many of them are executive that are either white or blue- collared workers, they should have a minimal educational background or at least come from families that teach them cultures and manners. Look at the way they behave when they get in the trains… They are CRAZY! How on earth can someone wearing a suit be rushing into trains when the passengers haven’t even alight?! Is that the culture or service standards we are trying to portray to the WORLD?! I’ve noticed some employees who knock off after work, some probably still wearing their uniforms which have the company’s name printed on them (eg. Breadtalk, Coffee Club, Starbucks, etc…) these are probably some of the uniforms you’ve seen while travelling on the train. These people are mostly on the frontline and they deal with day to day customers like you and i. We might probably feel that some of these establishments indeed have good service standards, but what happens to these people after work?! Have they forgotten what they learn?! Well, that’s probably another point to ponder.

Perhaps some of you might agree to what i’ve said, some of you don’t. Ultimately, what we want to debate about is whether the S$90m is put into good use?! The government definitely have their views about doing things, and i trust their effectiveness. Maybe it’s just some issues we have to polish up as a Singaporean that would make Singapore a better place to live in and most importantly, a TOP choice for others in their list of Travel Places!