little awkward moments

9 08 2009

took bus 506, alighted at the stop in westmall where we used to alight together before i changed another bus to my granny’s hse… All the memories, emotions flowed back like a splashing waterfall, i stood there, staring into space for 15mis, missed my bus, saw 947 going pass me, always hoping i’ll see you inside, probably alone or with another, but i just felt like seeing you… i knew i was stupid, but i stupidly hoped i would see you…

I resorted to fate, i gave up my 15 mins of wait, i boarded the cab instead cus i was alr late… when i arrived, everyone asked me where is my girlfriend, where is Samantha… i looked at them, smiled and said you were busy…

I really wonder how you’re doing now? hope you’ve had your dinner, had some beer which you loved so much. Hope you’ve showered and clean up your room… hope you’ve missed me a little today… Everything is HOPE…

Signing off now… have a great weekend my dear…




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