vivo without you.

8 08 2009

i’m in vivo.. Being here without you seems different..




One response

9 08 2009

somethings done cant be undone. perhaps i am like a slut to you, or to ur friends and family. everybody thinks i did this without any regret or struggle. i didnt want this to happen, but it did, and it did in the worst way i can imagine. i dont know what will happen if this were to go back in time. i cared abt u so much and i still do. and im not happily shaking my legs here knowing how sad and hurt u are. i really hate myself, i really do. i wish i can do anything, anything at all. all these times w u, i felt so different. i felt so confident of my life…i really dunno. in this situation, every party is hurt. i am hurt, and i hurt you so deeply. im sorry. i hope u can be strong, all along you are, everyone around you needs you. i hope u can hate me, hate me more than any other emotion. when i leave singapore, everything is going to be better. i wish to see you smile again soon.
maybe u think im pretending to be nice, or acting as if i care. i wouldnt know how to rebut to that. if ur friends think im a slut, i dont care. but u also did… hai. its karma i guess, i alw believed in karma.

just be well, be happier, be strong. i will always be praying for you.

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