Day 6. Full Stop

6 08 2009

I’m putting an end to this.

I told myself that Tuesday night would be the last time i’ll cry for you, i’ll see you, hug you and love you. I’ll make that happen.

Honestly, i don’t know who called you a “SLUT” on your blog, but honestly, when you told me that, i didn’t feel  single thing.

You being able to do this to me, made me ponder why am i still loving you so much… Made me think that everything that i’ve been doing for you is just rubbish… Until the day that you are having feelings for another, you can still ask me to buy this, buy that for you.. meet me and all… Well, that’s really heartless… TOTALLY!

You’ve got no emotions, no heart, no values… i really don’t know who you are! A slut?! Mybe i won’t call you that… But after what you’ve done to me, i might just call you a heartless freak!

I’m putting an end to everything, a stop to this, you can continue to b happy with your ex boyfriend whom you love so much and talk to him everynight till the cows come home, i don’t have and i need not care about it anymore. If you can be this heartless, why should i bother?!

Probably to your friends, you’re damn poor thing, to me…. For what i see and how i feel, NO WAY!

You are obviously neither repentent nor guilty of what you’ve done, so i’m not wishing you all the best here or am i gonna be like you telling me that you’ve got feelings for me here n that because i totally feel that it’s a truck load of NONSENSE!

I’m feeling so much better pouring this shit out of my heart now! I’m HAPPIER without you.





2 responses

7 08 2009

thats the way you should be. move on and you’ll be happier. 🙂

7 08 2009

thnks:) i’m definitely feeling better. Some things just can’t be forced.

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