I’m Signing Off…

2 08 2009

Will be camping in OCS the next 2 days for Ex. Heron… Thought i could spend the night over at your place before i set off in the morning… to be hugging you to bed, talking like we used to and snatching you away from your favourite daily dose of the must- watch “FIRENDS”…

Here i am now, in camp… hiding away from my family, not wanting them to see this miserable side of me as i sit in front of the computer CRYING so badly with my head spinning around and my beer on my other side…

I really miss you alot…

You’re flying in 26 days time, the day of my Bithhday to Beijing for 5 mths.. Alr it’s bad enough that you’re leaving, and now this has to happen. How am i going to go through my Course in September for 1 month and my military exercise in Australia in October for  also 1 month… How?!

Are we just gonna lose contact like that just because i’m out for all these courses and i can’t even contact you for the 1st 2 mths of you adjusting to a new life?! Is it gonna end like this? I suppose so… Maybe it’s GOd’s plan that i’m not available and Benny is… I hate to say this, i love you baby…

Life Sucks…

My mum texted me this msg just when i was typing this entry… (it’s the exact msg)

“Hi Boy be strong. I know it’s hard. Don’t worry, be happy:-) Just like mummy, always happy go lucky. Put all aside, ahead must be happy then that’s life ok? GO GO GO mummy example ok? Strong ah!”

Mummy, thank you so much. I Love you too.. There’s no greater love then your FAMILY who never fails to be there for you whenever you need them.

See you… I’m Signing off.




One response

3 08 2009

you’ll be fine. stay strong.

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