Internal Audit is over… but, School’s starting this week:)

4 06 2009

Oh! Finally, Audit’s over…. Honestly, even though Audit’s over it’s just an internal one which does contribute to us winning the BUC, we still have to wait for the external Audit on the 29th this month to assure us that we’ve done well. Despite all the sh*t we’ve gone through, the week in camp ended well on a Wednesday afternoon when you see the sign of relief from all the bosses’ face after seeing the results we’ve gotten from the internal Audit. Pheww..

Anyway, i’ve just gotten my timetable for my bridging course which will be starting this coming Saturday:) Super uber eager to start school actually, don’t know what to expect for this is the first time i’m doing a Part- time Degree with people of different background, age group and even social status. Wonder if i can do well:)

Wish me all the best in studies:)

Bridging to BCOM (06 June – 10 June 2009) Room Schedule Module SessionClass DateClass TimeRoom Schedule
Introduction to Commercial Law1    06 Jun (Sat)10am – 6pmSMa City Campus
Introduction to Commercial Law2    07 Jun (Sun)10am – 6pmSMa City Campus
Introduction to Commercial Law3    08 Jun (Mon)7pm – 10pmSMa City Campus
Introduction to Commercial LawExam    10 Jun (Wed)7pm – 10pmSMa City Campus

I suppose this weekend would be me and my book s and nobody else:(



I’m so gonna wakeboard SOON!!! Who’s Joining?!!?





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