Singapore’s Service Industry?! How are you going to rank No. 1?

31 05 2009

A very good Sunday to you:)

First of all, let me begin the entry by cursing and swearing!! #)!&)&)(!@&)&#&!(&#!)$&!@^#)!@_!+_(@_!

Well, ok i feel better now.. Jeez! Know what, i was at this new shopping centre in Bugis yesterday, decided to go there to check it out since it’s new and all?! So we went in.. ok, the whole architectural aspect of the building is quite good as mentioned by BOY! But….. My goodness gracious, the shops there are so boring.. not only are they not attractive, the stuff there is so… Just wierd! So there goes the shopping part, totally moodless, went ahead for dinner at this EMPIRE place with Monkey pictures all around, was damn hungry so i ordered a plate of Seafood Marinara and i assume that it would be filled with seafood that would make my saliva drool all over my Shirt! But!!!!! Guess what?! I waited for my pasta for 20 minutes?! (which basically killed my hunger!) or even longer?!.. there came my pasta, and it took another 8 minutes to get BOY’s pasta out! And when it was out, not only did they not take away her steak knife, they just placed a Pasta Spoon on the table  in an any-old- how way and walked off!… ok, so is that the end?! NO WAY!! I was trying to mix my pasta with the Tomato based sauce to find that in my Seafood Pasta, i had only 3 prawns and a few pathetic rings of squid?!!!

I mean i’ve had plenty of Seafood Marinara, i haven’t had one this bad?! Even in Simpang Bedok, the Pasta’s so much better then this!! Ok, so never mind, i decided to just go with it since i’m so bloody hungry… after i was done with my plate of pasta, i then shared with BOY her carbonara cuz she couldn’t finish all of them… Now, guess what?! The waiter just took my plate from under my hands when i was crossing over to get the Pasta from BOY’s plate?! Is this the way they should do it?!

The Answer: NO WAY!

C’mon, i’m in the Hospitality industry, do you know how rude is it to do that?! It’s like chasing a customer away and it’s extremely unprofessional!! Ok, once bitten, twice shy, no more 2nd time i’m gonna go there for dinner! Honestly, if any of the staff were to read this post of maybe some of the people in the service industry were to read this post, please…. train up your waiters/ waitresses cus they’re you first point of contact with the customers!

Pissed! Extremely Unprofessional!

*Ps. Sorry if the whole content is too “strong” for some of you, but i was just saying da’ TRUTH!




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