Troubled Waters…

30 05 2009


What’s there to come if there weren’t choppy waters,

Won’t life be too simple if there weren’t any obstacles…

Wouldn’t you know what’s really precious to you after you’ve lose it…

Indeed, this week have been filled with bitter, sweet ,sorrow and lastly love, i really thank the people around me who made every single day a smiling one.

Well, it has been quarrels one after the other, one party just don’t can’t understand, the other has such huge ego… How are you gonna solve this problem?! These few months were really crazy for me… been trying to strike a balance between family, relationships and life… But well, i guess work took too much of my time, so much so that i almost forgot that i still have other more important things to deal with. Probably it’s the frustration, politics and also stress that made me so sick of everything…

You know what i wanna do now? I really wanna take some time off, go to somewhere far from this tiny island where i call home for the past 22 years of my life. Preferblysomewhere unreacheable…

Anyway, i believe that next week would be better, and i’m really looking forward to go out ltr with Baby Boy, hope things are good:)

Cheers to all.





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