Should i sign on….

18 05 2009

Well, this question has been in my mind for a very long time… even before i entered the army up till now, 1 year since i enlisted… Many people encouraged me to, some say i’ll make it bigger in the corporate world, some say why not sign on for an iron rice bowl?! Well… on my part it’s contradictions one after another.

Kinda tricked my girlfriend a little when i was home today, asked her what if one day i sign on, how would she feel… guess what’s her answer? LOL!!

” If you sign on, i won’t marry you”… Woooo… quite touchy here eh?! *i honestly hope she doesn’t reads this post!! Wahahah!

Anyhow, to be honest, one part of me really want to sign on either in the Air Force, Army or the Police Force, i guess it’s just one side of me who really loves to be in UNIFORM.

To a certain extend, i felt that my life in the army has been really bumpy with lotsa ups and downs. take for instance, it’s like anyone’s dream to be an officer in the army, thus i really worked hard for my place in the Officer Cadet school… Well, i tried signing on in the Air Force, but i was rejected while my buddy got it… (Is it an indication that i shouldn’t sign on?!) So… i kinda gave up the idea of Signing on in the SAF until i went into School of Infantry Specialist or in short, SISpec… Well, kinda slacked there, just did what i needed to do, at the end of the course, i the best trainee for my platoon or what we call, PLATOON BEST…. well, i know my instructor has been pushing me to be the Company Best. but well, i guess my IPPT results wasn’t good enough to be the best… But anyhow, i still got into the OCS Crossover board. Marched in with a bunch of Soon- to be Officers, the question to me was: ” your IPPT results shows that you’re weak in running, so what makes you think you’re eligible enough to be an OFFICER?!” Damn… i knew it was yet another chance gone… like C’mon, is it so important?! tell me how many of your officers are currently having a GOLD for IPPT?! So yeah… another chance gone just like that and guess what? MY BUDDY GOT IN AGAIN!!… Jeez! (2nd indication for me that i shouldn’t sign- on?!)

So now i am here in GUARDS, still indecisive on whether or not i should sign- on or not… should i listen to the “indications” given to me, should i listen to the many contradictory advices or should i just follow my heart, i really don’t know…

Maybe it’s time to ask GOD… ask if i should or i should not… i’m quite sure my wife to be would hate me thinking this way cuz i’m very sure she doesn’t want me to… but still, it’s more about what i want in life… right Baby!?!

TELL ME!!! What should i do!?

I need the MONEY…

I wanna be able to contribute to my family ASAP…

I’m confused?!




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