16 05 2009


mates, it’s been quite a while since i last blogged eh.. been working in office till very late especially with the GUARDS day that just passed… Following- up next is our 3 GUARDS Cohesion @ Aranda Country Club which is happening on the 18th- 20th of MAY and then on the 22nd of MAY, my office would be having our own cohesion @ Bishan Park “PRAWNING” crazy thing that is out of the norm for a day of cohesion uh?! Well, apparently, my boss is an avid prawning GURU!

Anyway, things are going good now, starting my breaching in JUNE, working really well side by side my colleagues in camp who are apparently the craziest WORKAHOLICS that stay up till past 1am in the wee morning to finish up the work we have:) Well, despite the need to stay till so late in the night to finish up the work we have, it never seems too hard to get up the next morning and walk into the office again. it’s probably the people you’re working with… it really makes a very big difference…

Oh, and i just got back from a short break overseas… nothing special,  just getting back the time we missed when we both were too busy with our own job and live… nonetheless, BOY’s started working now and it’ll go on till “SHEM” heads off to BEIJING for exchange…. well, barely 3 months more and she’ll be flying off without me for 4 months. 

Last but not least, i hope all of you are having fun out there! 

*To all GUARDSMAN… Hope you’ve had a enjoyable GUARDS DAY and remember…. ALWAYS READY, READY TO STRIKE!!!

congrats to 1ADF and 1GDS for winning:)





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