So much about SWINE!

30 04 2009

Yeah, so much about SWINE!! I was in a meeting yesterday with regards to the measures we should take as an responsible citizen of the Singapore Armed Forces. So the conclusion?! Take your temperature everyday. I’m glad that Singaporean are taking this virus seriously. I was flipping through the Straits Times this morning to check out the updates of the Swine Flu, and yes, Singapore as how “kiasu” we are…( which is good) are taking this very seriously. I heard from my colleague who went to the Changi General hospital today for a routine Medical Check- up telling me that the hospital is fully equipped with the neccessary machines, manpower and resources to conduct checks on every individual who enters the hospital premise. Inconvenience as it is, we have to sadly say that we are now back to the old days when SARS was killing so many people all around the World. To make things worse, our Minister said in his speech that this would be a ” long battle unlike SARS”  Well, i guess we just have to TAHAN the inconvenience and do whatever precautions we can to help with this epidemic.

Anyway, i am writing this blog entry with a blanket over me, sitting in a cold room while using one tissue on my other hand to wipe my mucus away… YES, i’m having a very BAD FLU!!!!!




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