Running away from….. CAMP?!

28 04 2009

Wahaha! Yeah, we ran out of camp, not away from camp.

Well, how are you? hope you’re all doing well in work, school or WADEVA!! Anyway, i’ve been running alot recently cus i think i’m getting bigger (sideways) which is definitely not what i’m proud of!! So yeah, after a long day at the office printing, typing, getting ready all the lesson plans, training schedules and “fighting fire”  over the phone, i decided to go for a run at East Coast Park. It’s been a while since i did a long distance run, so Pang and i happily changed into our PT kit and started our run from Camp to East Coast Park and then to the Hawker Centre which we both had a cup of sugar cane juice before we head back… It was not a really long run, i suppose for some, but for me, it’s quite a bit alr can?!

Well, had a really good time jogging and talking to each other about our life, aims and of course our girlfriend:) Jeez! becaue of my torn ligament, i’ve not been training much and i think my fitness level is getting from bad to worse, especially when i’m constantly taking lift and sitting infront of my desk working on all the training programmes. Anyhow, i’ve decided to take my IPPT this Thursday to gauge myself of my own fitness level. i hope i can still achieve a GOLD?!  Now that i’m in GUARDS, my running timing have to below 0915 in order for me to achieve a Gold standard?! Goodness gracious, how am i gonna achieve that?! Lol.. a lot more training for me i suppose:)

And yeah, i’m flying off to Kuching on the 9th of May, gonna spend some time out in da’ woods with my girlfriend, just the both of us. It’s been a gruelling 4 months long of ups and downs in our relationship, she’s been so busy with work and all, now she finally got what she wanted… An external Crit for her Proj, got her attachment job, got her exchange to Beijing approved.. she got everything. To a certain extend, i’m proud of her, but this may also mean that the coming months, she would be busy again. Wells, maybe that’s something i gotta try to understand:)

Lastly, something very important to me, I’m starting school!!!!!!!! okay, my schedule is out, i’m gonna start studying on the 11th of May!!! Hurray…. Hurray, it’s a holi… holiday.. lala la la la.. lalala la la, holi… holiday ” ( so damn random)

So to all my dear friends who have been reading my blog, LOVES:) Remember, Work Hard, Play Hard, F**k Hard!!




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