2nd half of my day:)

25 04 2009

Like in the afternoon, i really felt that i’ve spent my SATURDAY really well:)

Met Darryl at 5pm @ Tampines One! Went to Secret Recipe, had a SHITTY $3 2meal before we headed off to BAkerzinn!! Lol! And lastly, the ICE CREAM that never fails to put a smile across my face:) Licks!

Anyway, don’t bother going to Secret Recipe, think they really SUCK! Ok, or i should i say the Secret Recipe at Tampines One is really SUCKY! If i was given a choice of not queing at the other outlets, i wouldn’t even go there! JEEZ! Now i know why there wasn’t many people queing at S.R. !!!! So we were like the only 2 in the que, waited for 10 minutes to be seated when i could clearly see that there were plenty of seats available!!! What has become of our service industry?!

And yes, we were finally seated, SO is this the end to our misery!?! No!!! We waited, waited and waited for the servers to take our orders, no one came despite us waving frantically, and when i finally got the attention of one of the waiters, he told me to wait for a while and he passed on to another lady server who came towards us. thinking that she was gonna take our orders, i started to say what i wanted… guess what?! She told me to wait for a while, then she proceeded on to the table just behind us, wiped the table, then she came to us and take our orders!!!?!!!!!?!!!! WTF, damn embarassing! C’mon, i’ve got a Dip. in Hospitality and Tourism Mngt, i’m currently also pursuing my Deg. in Hospitality and Tourism Mngt, this kind of working standard is a total “NO GO”!!

So yeah, we told her our orders, and when i finish saying what i wanted, she stood there, right in front of us and started writing our orders for around 2 minutes, so Darryl and i was like staring at her and stuff?!?!! Like an awkward 2 minutes before she repeated our orders?!!

HELO!!! Don’t you write in short forms?! are you gonna spell out our orders like word for word?!


“One Ribeye Steak, customer wants a medium rare, he wants his starch to be changed to mashed potatoes… bla bla bla..!! is she writing an essay or something?”!!!”

Oh my goodness! What an experience!

Anyhow, after that shitty experience which i don’t wanna elaborate more, the night ended well with ice creams:)

Cheers to Friendship!





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1 05 2009
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