Life Story–> The ugly TRUTH

19 04 2009

Well, how true is it.. in life, some people walk the right direction, some don’t…

Some choose to be ignorant, while some just can’t be bothered…

In life, we travel through many obstacles, many barriers… some of us make mistakes… some of us repent and move on, while some of us give in to our mistakes…

Have you always felt like what i do… In front of others, you stand strong, focused and determined, but inside that heart of yours, you’re actually brittle… giving in to temptations or rather, choose to walk the wrong directions…

Chances are given, not one, not two, but many chances…Do we appreciate them? Are we changing?

Or are we just too oblivious to the surrounding, trying to blend in to the society and what it expects from us…

Just a quick sharing…

My girlfriend and i were just talking casually about our relationship and stuff on the bus while we were on our way out for brunch… this was what she said…

“Yeah, i’m different… that’s why you love me”… It is so true… There is this something in her which i totally hate…Well, she should know what i’m talking about… But from the little imperfections i see in her, or rather that strong character of who she is just portrays her identity of who she is… That’s something which interests me…

She does not care about how people sees her, she doesn’t even care how people judge her… all she cares is her own happiness and knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. Going all out for her goal, her objectives… Some may think that she is very selfish, (i’m one of the culprits) but ultimately, her purpose of doing things is to bear no REGRETS in life and that’s exactly what we should do…

But well, it’s always easier to say then do, so….. Probably it’s time for us to be who we really are and stop putting a mask on your face and be a wolf in a sheep’s skin!

Leaving you..





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