Comma| Question Mark| Exclamation Mark| FULL STOP

19 04 2009

Just like a storybook, there are times when the suspense is so crazy that it keeps your adrenaline so high, your heart pumping so hard! You just had to read on!

Just like a storybook, there are times when you really hate the story, you just choose to leave it aside and never read it again…

Well, i realised that my life for the past 20++ years have been filled with lots and lots of Commas, Question mark, Exclamation Mark and some… FULL STOP. Just like what you read in a story book, there are different chapters in life that you’ve gone through and so did i… From those younger days when i had no worries, just remember running all around the beach with my cousins… to the love , affection and attention you get when you are young… all these seems so hard to get when we grow older. And guess what happens after that, you grow up looking for what you’ve missed or what you love so much…

Well, some of us succeed in getting what we want, some of us lose something and the minority gone leaving with nothing… What is all these chapters in our life all about?

Is it for us to stop, have a break, reflect and go on??

I admit, life for me hasn’t been the best, haven’t been the most smooth sailing one. i’m just glad that in life… i’ve met many people who kept me going, many people who supported me… and of course, behind me, always a loving family.

I want to also take this opportunity to apologise to my dearest girlfriend (she wants me to say her name, SAMANTHA ZHANG WENTING) who has been behind me, suppporting me all these while. I guess i’ve took too many things for granted. I’m probably the most selfish one… Like what you said, probably because you love me so much, i took for granted that no matter what, things would be alright. I’ve surfaced out of the deep blue ocean searching for my own happiness, my own needs and wants when i didn’t know that what i needed was just beside me all the while…

You’ve stood there, silently, quietly supporting me whatever i did, whenever i needed and hugged me when i was down… you were there lifting me up when i was at my lowest point… you stood quietly, but lovingly caring for my needs. Comforted me when i was down and caring for me when i was sick… I’ve overlooked so much… so much beautiful things you’ve done for me thus far…

Today was really unexpected, i didn’t imagine the day to end like this… i felt so loved when you threw your hug at me… it was a nice evening, a nice moment to end the long enough hurts.

Today, i stand forth proclaiming that I LOVE YOU… I never wanna take things for granted, never wanna see you cry, never wanna see you down and heartbroken anymore… Let’s create our future, clear the weeds, slowly building our home together…

Leaving you with loves and kisses…




2 responses

7 05 2009
I Lost T h i r t y P o u n d s in Under a Month

Hi, cool post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for blogging. I will probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work

16 05 2009

thnks, hope i’m a good company:)

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