Mitch’s Funny!

17 04 2009


Mich Goh at 3:49pm April 15

omg i want to fly back now and eat nasi lemaK!

Joel Low at 12:39pm April 16

Oh Michelle… ok, promise to flood you with food when you’re back!Here’s the menu planned for you:

Appetizer:Read More
Hainanese Kambing Soup (the “ORH” we always eat during CNY)

Main Course:
Glazed Chicken with Hainese Chicken Rice ball topped with special sauce

Ah TONG Kaya Toast with our very own Milk TEA:)

How does that sounds?! Lol
*Don’t tell Crystal about this!! wahahah

Mich Goh at 8:38pm April 16

you just made me drool all over my computerbtw i am saving this page and you better make sure you follow through with the menu!
looking forward to the Teh -c man

Joel Low at 2:51pm April 17

haha! Sure!




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