Lonely Planet… I’ve done my best

10 04 2009

Click to listen:



Have you ever felt like you’ve done so much, but you just don’t get appreciated?

I haven’t really blogged for a while becuase i really felt speechless, felt really empty…

I’ve lost the passion, the drive to move on…

Every single day is so mundane and the only thing i look forward to is to catch a glimpse of my girlfriend or even a text from her…

But it’s so difficult..

She’s been too busy with work,

and i know it’s my responsibility to understand what she’s going through now especially when this is her most important semester in the University life…

I know i’m being selfish…

But sometime, i just really do miss her…

I really miss her hugs, her kisses and…. her speaking so softly and gently to my ears

Oh where.. Where have you gone?

You seem drifting further and further away from me…

I’m starting to feel different…

Just not the same anymore… What’s more when you’re leaving me for Beijing soon..

Not 1 month, not 2 month, but many many months…

I hope things turn out fine soon….

Baby, i love you..





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