My Weekend~~~ Woohooo!

4 04 2009

Yeaps! It’s finally the weekends now:)

Came back from baby boy’s house at 9am… went straight home to get my swimming trunks before i head out to meet Marcus for a swim at Safra Tampines. Ok, talking about the swim, we swam like 20 laps and we almost drowned in the water! Arms are aching, strokings were terrible! If our coach were to see this state we’re in now, we probably have to stay for a few R. T. !! Wahahahaha!

So anyway, thinking that we’ve done relatively well swimming, we proceeded for lunch! Wanted to eat in a kopitiam near SAFRA, but we ended up going to ASTONS! Goodness! He had a Sirloin Steak while the supposedly healthier eater here ate a Grilled Dory Fish in Butter Herbs:) Jeez! if you think that was all, NO WAY… you’re wrong!! we went to have more food at this Tim Sum place in bedok, had Siew Mais… bla bla bla which i dunno how to put it in words!

Ok, so that was all for food… GOODNESSS!

Yeap, i also went to get for myself a Ipod NANO earlier on.. my stupid CREATIVE MP3 is spoilt… i am hereby swearing here that i’m not gonna get another CREATIVE product anymore, had 2 CREATIVE MP3 players last year and they all ended up having the same problem! Damn lousy can?!

ok, i guess i’ll be slacking @ home till tonight…

Oh! Did i tell you? i’m heading out to BIG EATER @ Simpang Bedok for CRABS tonight @ 7pm! Will update you with photos tonight!!!

OMG1!!1!!!111!!! how to slim down!?




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