My GOD! You just have to look like someone to be a CELEBRITY?!

29 03 2009

Yes, i was checking out the news on Yahoo today when i found the most unbelievable news that can be on the headline!! “Obama lookalike from Indonesia in S’pore for Charity event”

Oh C’mon… then if just by looking like someone so so famous can make you so popular, I wanna be BRADD PIT


Check out the NEws!

SINGAPORE : Ilham Anas is better known as “Mr Obama Indonesia”. That is because of his uncanny resemblance to US President Barack Obama.

Since Mr Obama’s victory last November, Ilham has been treated like a celebrity everywhere he goes.

And he is now in Singapore, all in the name of charity.

Visitors to the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Fiesta paid S$10 each to have a picture taken with him.

Proceeds will go to retrofitting costs of the home’s new premises at Bedok North.

And although a celebrity in his own right, “Mr Obama Indonesia” is still surprised at the treatment he gets.

He said: “I feel surprised that people are very happy to be photographed with me.” — CNA/ms




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