27 03 2009


Yes, i was checking out Murdoch at the Singapore branch today and i’ve decided to do my Degree with them:)

Bachelor of Commerce  major in Hospitality and Tourism Management

It has always been my dream to work in the front line… in the Hospitality and Tourism sector to be exact, thus, after getting my diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Mngt in Temasek Polytechnic, it was only normal that i further my studies.. to be able to learn and understand the whole picture of Tourism and how does Hospitality goes hand in hand with it.

Here i am serving the nation now, being in the army allows me to view my options and explore more opportunities, however, to a certain extend… i feel that army is really !#@#@!@#^$^%&! taking up too much of my time when i could be studying and getting my career on a move!

Despite all the lectures they give to us about how important serving the nation is for us, (C’mon, it’s not as if i want to stay here for long) i’ll probably fly away and live in somewhere more peaceful, less stressful and more slow- paced… Jeex!

So… i’ve made up my mind, since i’ve done my part, went through the necessary training for me to be a commander, i guess it’s time for me to re- focus on my own life and career path instead of counting down the days to ORD!!

Therefore, i’ve decided to do a part- time degree with Murdoch University for the time being and later, after i ORD, i’ll probably fly back to Perth to continue my studies in the main campus. I miss the place so much honestly… So many of my friends and families are there… already in Perth, either studying or working, some want to come back, most are enjoying their time there…

Imagine the countless vineyards and lovely beaches you get to see, what’s better then Wine and Dine by the pretty vineyards while reflecting what you’ve done for the past 20 over years of your life:)

I wanna walk… wanna RUN… wanna FLY AWAY!!





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