My Weekend:)

22 03 2009


Blogging on a weekend is probably a weekly ritual for me, haha! Hope all of you don’t get bored with my entries. Lol!

Well, went out with Baby Boy on Saturday, We headed for a late brunch at JURONG POINT in this Japanese restaurant by the name of YAKI YAKI BO Teppanyaki Restaurant


before going to the “Studying in Australia” exhibition at Suntec City and then to the movies:) Watched this HUMUROUS movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop… Check out the website, even the website is so cool… look @ the portrait carefully!!!

After movies, Baby Boy had to head home… Hais, too much work for her!! I hate it! Already it’s bad enough we meet once a week, now she’s wrapped up in her STUDIO or HOME with tons of work on her!! Sometimes i feel guilty for not understanding enough, but many at times, i really wished she was here for me too…

Weekends for me nowadays are boring… boring to the extend that i can stare at my television blankly or flip through the Straits Times like 10 times… even till the “classified” pages… Guess it’s just something i have to live with for the rest of my life…

Anyway, my ankle injury i suffered during training is not getting any better, went to the Chinese SINSEH earlier, had my ankle done by the supposedly best Sinseh in the HOUSE! Did a little cracking here and there for me, hope it gets better along the way:)

Other then that it’s probably a boring Sunday for me yet again, hope it gets better soon!

Cheers to LIFE!




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