A cold and lovely Saturday

28 02 2009

Hey people! How’re you??

SO now i’m officially in the Guards Family, gonna start my Guards Conversion Course this coming Monday, don’t really know what to expect, except for lotsa lotsa extra training and turnouts that you’ll never wish for.

What to do… “… We Rule the Day, and We Rule the Night, Always Ready, Ready to STRIKE”

Been shouting that over and over and over again, Haha! Guess we’re all now drilled to just expect the unexpected. JEEZ!

Anyway, so much about GCC, i guess it’s better to blog about what’s been happening lately:)

Reported to Bedok Camp on Thursday morning….. dragged all my army barang barang into the camp and with a heart full of uncertainty, Guess what i saw?! “HOME OF THE ELITES” Oh my goodness, i don’t know whether to feel happy or sad… Jeez, WHY AM I HERE! i thought…

So the day went on quite smoothly with much administrative work to do… Regimental Sgt Major spoke to us… Wasn’t the crazy things that we used to hear abt Sgt Majors being fierce and all.. Maybe it’s just the 1st day.. Haha! We were then showed to our bunks which we would be living for the next month or so while we do our GCC. Just like when i was in ASLC, i am now on the 4th storey again!! GREAT! After that, we were told that we were suppose to stay in camp for the night.. (many of us thought that we could book out), apparently, we did… yes, we stayed for that stupid NIGHT! C’mon, give us a break can’ you!?

There came the next day, woke up at 0530, went for breakfast… Came back, SLP! haha… Yeah, we slept till 1130, went for lunch.. came back, attended a “Welcome” session with the Commanding Officer of 3 Guards, had a sharing session.. lasted till 1530… Everyone was hoping to go back soon cus we were told tt we would be released by 1530… But guess what?! We were delayed till 1755 when we were allowed to walk out of the gate…! DAMN Angry can?! Qucickly, i rushed back in a cab cus i was suppose to meet baby boy later in the evening.. PISSED!

Anyway, everything went back to normal later that evening, had dinner at home with Baby boy before we headed out to buy her BOLSTER and my Dad’s B’dae cake. —— Came home, waited till 2345 when we celebrated my dad’s B’dae! Haha! Guess what is it?! It’s a cake of a Pink BUTTOCK with G- String!

b'dae cake


Later that evening, as planned, Baby boy and i went out for our weekly Wine session, got a bottle of 08 Yellow Tail Shiraz, had our Wine by the Beach while we chatted about everything under the dark sky and calm sea:) Sweet!

That was for the day.. reached home about 3?! Bathed, hugged, Sleep… I love you:)

Morning..!! Rise and Shine, Baby boy and my family went out for Breakfast @ the Market, had like the Fullest “BUFFET” spread today, lasted me the whole day and i’m still feeling so FULL! Haha!

Went down to City Hall, wanted to shop for her shoes, found nothing, we decided to head to SG PAssion at the Esplanade for some drinks and that was it for the day:)

Saw Baby Boy off to the bus and slowly, i stroll along Citylink went in and out shops, got myself a Magazine (Men’s Foilo), got onto the Subway and headed home.

Now, i’m waiting for everyone to get ready before we head out for Dad’s Birthday Dinner:) Gonna go to a CRABBILICIOUS place for CRABS!!! Yeah:)

Hope you all are doing well, It’s March tomorrow, hope the month of March’s gonna be good for all of you!

Gonna leave you all with this: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD:)





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