Like FINALLY!…. Not Really!

25 02 2009

Yeah, Like finally i’ve graduated from SISpec after 6 months of Grueling training! Goodness, when i thought that everything is over, here’s what’s coming for me….!

3 GUARDS!!!!!

Ready to Strike

Got a picture of a Guards Men while Google~ing, imagine me with that Beret:)


Many told me it’s Pride…

To me, it’s just more hard work:)

So anyway, i apologise for not blogging the past 2 days because i was really busy in camp preparing for our Graduation Parade today. Lotsa Rehearsals and uncountable drill session! Well, it all paid off though…

Honestly, Guards is the last unit i thought i would be at. Like C’mon… give me a break! A couple of hours ago, i thought i would be happily completing my term in Tekong where i can just smoke my way through, slack and get paid, but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, i got posted to 3rd Guards… so much of teasing and disturbing my platoon mates that they’ll enter Guards, now i’m one of them! Jeez~~!

Well well well… now that GP is over, i’ve gotta report to my new unit TOMORROW morning at 0745hrs! Don’t know what’s ahead of me, but i know it’s not gonna be easy. Tahan La! Wahaha

*Ps. i’ve received a few e-mail from my readers asking me to show more pictures… no worries, it’ll be soon:)

LADIES and GENTS, are you still working hard on your fitness programme? Don’t give up yeah?!





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