Just another Thursday…

19 02 2009

Haha! Was watching some videos on YOUTUBE when i came across this cool shit! Lol… I’ll probably be watching the whole night through! wuuahahahauuahhauha!

Anyhow, back to today:) Woke up like really really early?! reported to camp, hoping to catch a sleep after we report. BUT…. got called up to do some shit stuff at HQ… damn! So there goes my sleep and we slogged all the way till lunch! GREAT huh!! Never mind, for that hard work , i rewarded myself with a delicious plate of FISH n CHIPS! Wahahahha!


Went back to my bunk, fell asleep immediately (like so easily), woke up by BABY BOY… Ok, she kinda caught me at the wrong time! C’mon, i am SLEEPING… Jeez! Got a lil irritated actually!! SShhhh… haha!

Well, since i was up, i decided to change up, force my heavy legs off my bed, pull up my socks, put on my shoes and head off for my RUNNNNN!!! I don’t know why, but it felt so hard today… Like literally running with a truck pulling me backwards! Grr… must be the food yesterday.. and the Fish n Chips! lol..

Day ended like 5pm, decided to head home for dinner, GUESS WHAT! One SON of a BITCH!!!!!! Came in the room and made us report for duty @ 6am in the morning!!! C’mon, get a life can?!!!!

So great, now i’ve gotta go straight back to camp after this blog entry…..! Damn angry can?!

Ok, i better go and prepare myself to book- in!

keep exercising people!





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