Tired… Sleepy… Go On!!

18 02 2009


Just came back from my run not too long ago!

So how have all of you been?? How’s ya day? Hope it’s good:) Honestly, i’m like damn tired today… Woke up at 5am this morning, went to camp, report for duties…. went for medical appointment…. met Baby Boy, came home…… RAN! Goodness, all packed in a day! Haven’t closed my eyes since 5am this morning except for the long train ride i took on my way home… Yawns, sorry if the entry today looks dull and outright boring, i’m really really tired, forgive me:)

Anyhow, i was searching for supplements that would enhance my slimming programme and give me an additional boost to my endurance. Honestly, i’ve been looking at HYDROXYCUT for the longest time, but…. $$$, that’s always a the biggest factor:(

In order to work from fat_boy to………. istockphoto_744407_in_shape

So i decided to keep on my exercise regime despite my physiotherapist’s advice to rest more.. Oh ya, i was at Jurong Medical Centre today doing my Physiotherapy, came across this Part- time therapist… Well… she may not be the hottest or prettiest girl you’ve ever seen in this tiny island, but she has this Charisma or rather aura that made all the guys “GOOGLE search “her:) Haha!

Man, i needa shop for more clothes… looking into male fashion label, came across lacoste Cool Stuff Huh!

Here’s more pictures mathais_ny-lacoste tatoo

Think they have really good stuff:)

Aights, time for Bed… Leaving you with an inspiring video Produced by Adam Waters:)








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