I gotta Blog This?!

18 02 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen!!

ladies, do you have to be so CHEAP to resort to being a MISTRESS?

Gents, why aren’t you happy with your own family and choose to have a MISTRESS??

Are you all out of your mind?! What on Earth is happening to people nowadays, i know you’re rich, but that doesn’t give you the right to splurge on such “Lifestyle” right?!

So this evening while on my way home from camp and i heard the Deejays talking about this guy from China hosting his own ” CHINA NEXT TOP MISTRESS ” and i thought it was just those daily radio jokes you hear on the radio, but to my surprise, i really saw the report of this JERK on Yahoo News!…

Is this CHINA man out of his mind or something?! C’mon, get a life?! I bet you’re not any younger anyways, how is your “little brother” able to contribute to 5 mistresses?! Mr China man, wake up your idea… Honestly, you’ve put shame to a Gentlemen… wonder how your children (if you have) think of you!!

JERK i suppose?!

Click on the text below for the report:

China tycoon’s mistress contest ends in tragedy




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