Ate alot today! Oh No!!!

18 02 2009


Damn, i ate too much today… Had steamboat @ home today, was like hell lot of food!! hahah! Feeling damn guilty now la, Jeez!

Here’s the meal i had today! Goodness, so contradicting to my fitness plan…!

Here’s what i ate:

10am- Honey Stars with Fresh Cold Milk| weeee… Happy:)

11.15am- Chicken Chop with Spaghetti

2.30pm- snacked a little ( Spicy Tapioca Chips)

4pm- Red Bean Pao with Ice Red Milk Tea

4.30pm- Had to eat dinner in camp… (Chicken, prawns, vegetables, noodles, pear, honeydew)

7pm- STEAMBOAT!!!!! (OMG)

I am so gonna run later… i didn’t know i ate this much till now when i’m blogging! Wahahahahahaha! I’m like a pig can!?

Ok, now something for me to rant…!!


Anyway, i’ll be graduating from the School of Infantry Specialist (SISpec) on the 25th this month, like FINALLY… after 6 months, i’m getting out of the place! Lol! Let’s just hope that i’ll be posted to BMT!! Wahahaahaha

Hope all of you are keeping up with the fitness plan, RUN people RUN:)





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