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16 02 2009

Hey peeps!

How have you been?! Just came home, had my dinner… Oh, did i tell you? My mum cooks really good food! That’s probably what brought me into cooking..! Lol!

Anyway, i was surfing the net this afternoon, looking for Culinary schools which are good and affordable… Having experienced both working and studying in the food and beverage industry for close to 4 years, i’ve gotten to know a few reputable Culinary schools around the World. But well, having said that, Good Culinary School= $$$Expensive$$$ tuition fees… How i wish i’ve got sponsors sponsoring my education in school….:(

Here is a list of schools i wish to get into

of all of the above mentioned are really EXPENSIVE!!! Well, maybe not for Sunrice .

Approximate Tuition Fees for schools Mentioned (excluding accommodation) …

Culinary Institute of America – SGD$72,000

Le Cordon Bleu (Bangkok) – SGD$ 47, 000

Sunrice GlobalChef Academy(Singapore) – SGD$ 39, 000

Look at the amount of money i have to pay?! It’s just so realistic… in our industry, having overseas experience is definitely a plus point, but…. where am i going to get that kind of money?! My family is just a very typical average Singaporean family, just enough to survive the daily overheads, getting such huge amount of money is definitely a NO NO…


Grr! Enough of ranting and whining… really hope one day a kind soul would offer me a sponsorship to study:)

Back to my daily updates… hmmm, i’m still keeping a very strict exercise regime, hope you (readers) ae also keeping to yours:) Didn’t have time to run this afternoon, gonna run later around 10pm!

That all for today folks!

Stay tune to my many many many more updates:)

Leaving you with the video of one of my favourite Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver| How to make Parmesan Chicken, enjoy…:)






Oh! i’m home from my run @ 11pm!!




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