I’m Back… From my Camp Duties| Run

15 02 2009

Yes, i’m BACK!

How are all of you today? Hope you’ve all been working hard on your exercise regime… It’s a Sunday, yes i know… For many of us, it’s a lazy Sunday. Anyway just a little update here, i wasn’t around yesterday to blog cuz i was stuck in camp doing Guard Duty!! Yes, shitty doing Guard Duty on a Saturday (VALENTINE’s Day), but well… been there, done that, nothing exciting, nothing interesting.. just BORING!

Due to restrictions from the army, i’m not suppose to tell you what our Guard Duty is like, but well, i believe many of us, Singaporean Male should know how it’s like staying back on a Saturday doing “G.D.” To be honest, i felt that G.D. was alright last night until i had tons of Mosquitoes and Flies attacking me in the middle of the night during one of my resting time… didn’t have a really good rest (as usual), slept in an extremely smelly room filled with a weird stench of the many manly “fragrance” mixing and matching.. life’s couldn’t be worse then being kept in a stuffy room like this huh!

So that was a little insight to my 1st ever G.D. since i enlisted last July. So straight away aftr the debrief, i went back for a quick shower, i headed to Baby Boy’s (BB’s) house for a rest before my dad picked me up around noon time.

Went for a run.. probably around 5km?! Ran from my house to East Coast Park, took a little breather at SKI360, Singapore’s First Cable- Ski Park, really nice place to just sit down and chill while looking at the riders going round and round the circuit:) Haha! Love it!

oh, another place that i really have to recommend is Sunset Bay @ East Coast… a really nice place out of the buzzing East Coast with a group of close pals to mingle and enjoy the sunset with a beautiful bottle of Wine:) Check them out!!

Ok, i better go off now, my parents are rushing me for dinner! Lol!

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead!





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